Everywhere Quilt Release

And… its here! Be sure to grab your Everywhere quilt pattern HERE! I have been working on this quilt pattern (on and off) for the last 18 months! I am so excited to finally share it with you!

The story behind the Everywhere quilt…This quilt has been in the family since before I was born! My mom purchased this quilt right after she got married. At the time it was very expensive for her, but she wanted something special on the bed. After it got too worn out to go on the bed, it found a permanent place in the car. We use this quilt all the time for picnics, beach outings, and as a bed when we go camping. This quilt has been everywhere with us! When I started quilting knew that I wanted to replicate this special quilt. It was so fun to lay out the quilt and measure, calculate and plan how to make it. I looked closely at the blocks to see how they were made and to the sewing machine I went! I practiced with scraps until I had the blocks and measurements just right.

The fabrics I used for this replica quilt are from a Connecting Threads line called Blue Ridge Mountain. I love the blues, rusts and greens from this line. I chose my favorite (a dark green) for the backing. One of the reasons I love Connecting Threads fabric is that the cotton they use is grown in the United States. The extra long staple cotton they use is super soft! Probably the softest fabric I have worked with. 

I used the quilting pattern called Diagonal Plaid to match with the original cross hatch design. This quilt seemed to take forever to get done! It is such a beast! (In a good way!) When the quilting was done I decided to hand stitch the binding on. This also took a long time. 🙂 I used a whip stitch instead of a running stitch which means that I could only do one stitch at a time. The quilt is 396 inches all the way around! I love the look this gives the quilt, I am so glad I took the time to do hand stitch. 

This is the second king size Everywhere quilt I have made! This is going to be a wedding gift for my cousin who is getting married in January. I hope they will treasure it as much as we do ours.

The cover quilt was made as a recreation of the original quilt. But there are a few differences between the original and the pattern I wrote. The main thing is the half square triangle border. I simplified the border so it would be easier to assemble. The other thing is colors. On the original quilt, the fabrics for middle corners are a darker shade than the rest.

The quilt on the right is how the pattern is written.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the pattern!

~Emily Siddall

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