-Please don’t add buttons or other embellishments before quilting.
-Some applique is okay.
-Please clip all threads, especially dark threads
-Make sure there are no holes in any seams or any pins in the quilt top. 
-Square up your quilt top.

-Your batting and backing need to be at least 4 inches bigger than your quilt top on each side.
-I accept pieced backings but I can’t guarantee the outcome
-If there is a specific way you want the backing to line up, pin a note on it.
-Square up your quilt back
-If sending a sheet as backing, you must trim the side seams. (top and bottom are fine)
-Do NOT baste your quilt!


-Minimum price is $50 for any quilting
-I can accommodate any size up to a King size quilt

-Once you fill out the order form, I will email you instructions on where to ship your quilt as well as the total price.
-Message me if you are local (Los Angeles) and we can work out a drop off.
-You may ship your quilt to me any way you choose but remember that you might want to add insurance.

-Please email me if you are having a hard time choosing a design for your quilt, I am glad to help you! 
-All quilting is edge to edge free-motion, not computerized. 

As soon as your quilt is finished, I will contact you. Once full payment is received, I will ship the quilt back to you with $100 of insurance, if you would like more, please contact me.

Please be aware that the quality of my quilting is directly related to the quality of the quilt top and back. No quilt is perfect and I will do my best with each quilt. I promise to try to make any flaws as inconspicuous as possible. Please understand that I am not responsible for any problems that arise from problems in the quilt top. Thank you!