Lakeview Quilt Pattern Release

My very first quilt pattern has arrived! To get this free pattern, just sign up for my newsletter! I am always on the lookout for quilt inspiration. Tile floors, scenery and logos can spark a quilt pattern. As I was on vacation in Texas with my family, I saw a design that looked like it would be a great quilt pattern and got some graph paper to started designing. We stopped and ate dinner at a little lake and that is where I finished designing this quilt. I wrote most of this pattern in hotels, rental houses and on the road.

This is a beginner quilt pattern with four different sizes. A beginner knowledge of quilting is assumed but if you have never quilted, I know you can make this! The pattern is wirtten with yardage but some of my pattern testers used fat quarters or jelly roll stirps. Check out this blog post to see how they did it! 

The photos for this Lakeview quilt were taken at Balboa Lake in Sothern California. The weather was perfect! I love how the ripple lines on the lake look like the quilting I choose for my quilt. This quilt was so fun to make, I am sure you will love it! 


Be sure to grab your copy of Lakeview HERE! And if you want a printed booklet, they can be found in my shop. 

Thanks for reading!

~Emily Siddall 







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