Machine Binding

How to Machine Bind a Quilt


This is the fastest way to finish a quilt and it is really easy! You can fully bind a  large quilt in less than one hour if you do it all by machine.




-Quilt with binding half way attached

-Sewing Machine


Make sure your walking foot is on your machine! You are going to stitch very close to the ege of the binding.

Fold the binding down as you go. You will have to figure out what settings are best for you. 

This is what it should look like. I used a orange thread so it would blend in really well.

When you get to a corner, fold and pin the binding to get a mitered corner. 

It really helps to pin the binding in place for the corners.

Sew up to where the binding meets. Do a little backstitch. 

Pivot on the corner, do a little backstitch and keep going!

The backstitch helps the corer be super secure.

The stitching will show in a nice line on the back.

Go all the way around the quilt, then backstitch when you reach where you started.

Make sure to trim all the thread tails! 🙂 








Thank you for reading!

~Emily Siddall

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