Twill Quilt Label

Supplies Needed:

Twill Ribbon


Friction or Water Soluble Marker 


Wonder Clips/Pins

Quilt and binding

Write your message on the twill ribbon. I like to use an erasable marker like a friction pen or water soluble pen so I can practice until I decide on what I like. Then trace over with a sharpie. Next, mark (with the erasable pen) where you want your label to show on your quilt. I like to give 1/2 inch from the end of my words before the line so there is plenty of room for the seam allowance.  Then trim the label on the 45* angles to fit the corner of your quilt. 

Pin the label in place and sew your binding on like normal, stitching right over the label. 

If your text is long you may also want to hand stitch the label down for more security and so it will not catch on anything. 

If you have already sewn the binding down on one side, simply stich the label in place, making the seam allowance smaller than when you sewed the binding on. 

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