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A Tutorial for Mini (!) Patchwork Stars

Patchwork Stars are so fun to make, especially in a mini version! I took the Hyalite Star pattern and sized it down 50% but you can use any pattern or block to make a patch.

-Use scraps! The cutting instructions use the length of a fat quarter (21 inches) but use what you have!

-You will need to purchase the Hyalite Star pattern for the details of sewing the star, this tutorial just shows the changes I made to the pattern 🙂

Step One: Fabric

You will need:
Fabric A & C – Cut 1.5×21 inch strips (2 from each fabirc)
Fabric B – Cut 1.5×21 inch strips (4 from each fabric
Background- Cut 2.5×21 inch strips (4)

Click on the picture for a visual guide to the fabric you need for this step:

Step Two: Sew

To sew the star, follow the instructions from the Hyalite Star pattern by Plains and Pine.

Finishing Up...

When all the diamond units are sewn, trim 1/4 inch off each side that has the Fabric C  at the top.  (Do not do this if you are adding background fabric to make the block a square!)

After you have two diamonds sewn together, I like to square up the block so it is more accurate.

Starching your fabric helps a lot when doing lots of tiny pieces.

When all the diamond units are sewn together you can now attach your patchwork star patch to a jean jacket. I just pin the star down and sew 1/8 inch away from the edge. If you prefer a finished edge, use the blanket stitch setting on your machine.

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